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Quick Chop Powered Herbs,Veggie Chopper And Salsa Maker

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Quick Chop Powered Herbs,Veggie Chopper And Salsa Maker.  What took 20 mins to make now can be done in matter of minutes with quick powered chopper that takes all the sweat out of cooking and adds all the fun in eating healthy foods every day.


The quick chopper is a powered by  arecahrgable built in battery and has a stainless steel blade to do any job quickly the blade and the jar are dishwasher safe.  Just put your garlic or herbs or vegies and press a button and in few seconds your food is chopped in small piecies .


Great for all types of herbs, veggies and fruits make quick salsa buy adding al the ingredients i nthe chopping jar and press the button you will have a free sales ready to eat in seconds.